About us

Safe Seat Solutions is an innovator and manufacturer of no touch hygiene dispensing systems and intelligent toilets located in the Netherlands. We also manufacture all kind of paper toilet seat cover refills and travel packs.

Dutch manufacturer of no touch automatic toilet seat cover dispensers

Our no touch product line provides the perfect solution in any public restroom. Most people are familiar with  the standard dispensers of paper toilet seat covers operated by hand. With the system we produce you will never touch a contaminated dispenser again. The automatic system will give the user an ultimate experience of luxury and hygiene. Our dispensers can be provided with a speech chip that records any kind of message aimed at the toilet user.

Dutch manufacturer of no touch automatic talking toilets

The ultimate restroom solution is Safe Seat Solutions intelligent toilet that can be installed on nearly all toilet bowls. Screw off the toilet seat and install Safe Seat Solutions intelligent talking toilet instead. The system is controlled by infrared sensors.

The intelligent toilet flushes automatically as well. Optionally the intelligent toilet comes with a speech chip that records any kind of message.

Safe Seat Solution manufacturing
Fully automated toilet seats are handmade for perfect finishing