Disposable Baby Bibs

Our Disposable Bibs with self adhesive strips are efficient single-use bibs that are a perfect solution when you are in a hurry

Disposable baby bib
Disposable baby bib


Technical details

Article number: 80064

Pack: 8 bibs in resealable printed bag

Material: 3 ply laminated non woven with water resistant backing

Dimension bib: 24 x 31 cm

Nº of packs per outer carton: 12 pcs

Dimension outer carton: 24,5 x 23,5 x 9,5 cm

Weight outer carton: 1,2 kg

Pallet details: 80 x 120 x 270 cm/225 cartons

The perfect solution for people on the move

Whether for home or on-the-go use, each bib provides plenty of coverage with 3 protective layers as well as a crumb catcher for spilled food. 


Great for day trips, airplane rides, restaurants, and anywhere else you don't want to stash and carry a used bib.


Soft yet strong, they have a waterproof backing to keep your baby dry and clean.